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entrust Priority Pool Maintenance Ltd. to handle your pools upkeep.

View Priority Pool Maintenance’s Residential Services

Enjoy Your Personal Pool without the Maintenance & Upkeep

If you’re the proud owner of your own private pool, spa or hot tub but don’t particularly enjoy keeping up with its maintenance, you’re not alone! You can entrust a reputable maintenance provider such as Priority Pool Maintenance Ltd. to handle all of the upkeep for you. Whether it's cleaning your pool, hot tub or spa so the water remains a sparkling blue, seeing that the water chemistry achieves proper balance or replacing your liners, repairing your pumps and filters and/or putting you on a customized maintenance program schedule, we offer complete services for our residential clients. If you’ve just purchased a property with a pool already installed, we also offer thorough initial clean-up services to ensure your pool is ready for use. If you’re the owner or manager of a hotel or a recreational centre featuring multiple pools or hot tubs, be sure to check out our commercial services as well!

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